[ZWeb] Catalog Optimisations for displaying X recent items

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Tue Aug 31 04:13:45 EDT 2004

Hi Casey,

Andrew mentioned you might have something that could help on zope.org...

>> Casey and I were working on a problem recently that requires intensive 
>> catalog queries to display pages, but often always only needed to 
>> display the X recent items.  Today is the first day I can monitor the 
>> performance results of this; but we expect it to be massive.  I would 
>> expect Zope org could benefit from this type of index also -- it's 
>> been released as OpenSource.

> Cool, I have a few projects that would also love this. Where can I find it?
> And, from a Zope.org point of view, what version of Zope does it 
> require? :-S

What's the answers to the above questions?



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