[ZWeb] [VOTE] "Zope Exits" policy

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Tue Aug 31 05:19:52 EDT 2004

Mark wrote:
> I am for a Zope Exits that looks like this:
> - ZopeWiki
> - ZopeZen
> - ZopeLabs
> - Plone
> - Silva
> - CPS
> - ZopeMag or Weekly News
> - Zopera
> - Zopeur.org

...and what about Icoya? Squishdot? Confera? ;-)

My point is, for this policy to be "fair", it becomes way to long.
I personally feel the above list is still too long, and even with my 
policy in place, it'd might get too long at some point. At that point, 
your voting system would help. But, particularly if it includes 
commercial or single product sites, it will always be open to 
accusations of vote rigging, unfairness and the like...

> The ZUGs make for fine exits but there are too many of them to have a 
> complete list on every page of the site.

That's why they have their own section...

> ZopeMag, Zopera, ZopeZen. Which are all "centered" on Zope/Plone. I am 
> certainly against removing frameworks
> if they are enormously popular and primary drivers for Zope adoption.

The thing is, they aren't. They are drivers for that framework's 
adoption, which doesn't see much return to zope itself...

> And I am also against sites being ruled out if they offer optional (and 
> i stress optional) services which they may charge a fee for.

I honestly can't believe you say that with a straight face. Look at the 
front page of zopemag.com, I see ONE free piece of content. Even the 
logo you use to indicate free content (a fly fishing hook unless I'm 
mistaken) indicates that they're just there to hook people into 

> Their is no 
> telling what some companies may come up with that may make a cool zope 
> site even better. Refusing to even consider a commercial site seems to 
> me like voluntarily cutting of an arm.

...see my comments about zope.net, ZSP, etc.

> wow. sometimes you scare me. that Fox News reference was supposed to be 
> a joke. please hold open the vote for one week.


I'll also note that Python isn't a democracy, and neither is Zope Corp.



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