[ZWeb] portal_catalog - dates

Michael Haubenwallner michael at d2m.at
Sun Dec 5 06:52:44 EST 2004

When I was looking into which possible desasters the wiki-spammer might 
have left i found, i was searching for WikiPages modified in a certain 
date-range. Getting far to few results i looked into portal_catalog data 
and found that dates might not be stored 'correct'.

E.g.: http://zope.org/Wikis/zope-dev/PythonMethods
( ~ .../manage_objectInformation?rid=-1573700767)

Metadata Contents
effective 	1978/12/31
created  	2003/08/01 11:07:18.991 GMT-4
modified 	2004/11/30 16:29:31 US/Eastern

Index Contents
effective  	1060155660
created 	1073326507
modified 	1074038249

translating the Index-dates with DataTime results in:
Index-dates translated
effective	2003/08/06 03:41:00 GMT-4
created		2004/01/05 13:15:07 US/Eastern
modified	2004/01/13 18:57:29 US/Eastern

Please tell me if i got something wrong, but i think that the dates 
stored are not correct. Maybe its with WikiPages only...



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