[ZWeb] "Token 'ATOM' required, 'EOF' found" error in zopeorg

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Tue Dec 21 17:41:44 EST 2004

[Ausum Studio]
> Try to search for "Zope and" and you'll get this error:
> Error Type
> ParseError
> Error Value Token 'ATOM' required, 'EOF' found
> Looks like a ZCTextIndex bug. Is it already filed? I tried to look for it
> at the Collector, but I'm not sure it isn't there already.

Well, it's an invalid search phrase, so I'm not sure what you'd like better.
"and" is a keyword, and requires an atom on both sides of it.

Trying searching for


on its own, or trying searching for


on its own, and you'll see similar errors.  If you want to search for the
literal word "and", you need to quote it, like:

    Zope "and"

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