[ZWeb] "Token 'ATOM' required, 'EOF' found" error in zopeorg

Michael Haubenwallner michael at d2m.at
Wed Dec 22 05:21:31 EST 2004

Ausum Studio wrote:
> Try to search for "Zope and" and you'll get this error:
> Error Type
> ParseError
> Error Value
> Token 'ATOM' required, 'EOF' found
> Looks like a ZCTextIndex bug. Is it already filed? I tried to look for it at
> the Collector, but I'm not sure it isn't there already.

A while ago we talked about changing zope.org search to
google search (as it is with python.org already).

For testing, I have changed the Zope.org searchresults-page and
added a link to Google site-search. This allows searching
Google with the same searchterm and comparing the results.



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