[ZWeb] Spammer is back ;(

Brian Lloyd brian at zope.com
Mon Dec 27 11:19:01 EST 2004

> That same collector spammer has been there for months. I usually get to 
> it first and delete the collector entries before anyone gets up in the 
> US due to the time difference. This is not a new phenomenon.
> I personally would not like to put any obstacles in the way of people 
> who file bug reports, either. It's a tough choice. And any "content 
> filtering" to try and detect spam content is never going to work well, 
> either.


> How about a compromise where collector entries have to go through a 
> simple review/publish process like any other content? I wonder how hard 
> that would be to stitch into that collector.

Not sure how hard that would be. I'm less concerned if he keeps doing 
this 'by hand', but the pattern with the wikis is that he seemed to 
start off defacing things by hand and then moved on to automated 
scripts, which would be a bigger problem.

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