[ZWeb] Summary of #zope-org, July 1, IRC chat

Jim Fulton jim at zope.com
Thu Jul 1 17:55:27 EDT 2004

There was a meeting held July 1 on the #zope-org IRC channel from
about 11 am US/Eastern time until about noon.

We now have several volunteers signed up to help.  We decided to limit
the amount of formality and organization until we actually needed.

The primary modes of communication will consist of the
zope-web at zope.org mailing list, the #zope-web channel on
irc.freenode.net, and some area of zope.org itself, where we'll gather
information about procedures, tips, rules, etc.

We've tentatively divided the areas of effort into:

- Content Management (we don't like this name)

   This includes:

   - Organizing content

   - Approving

   - Perhaps maintenance/gardening

- Software -- obviously making the software (uh) better

- Operations

   - Making sure things are running

   - Monitoring

FWIW, I'm inclined to think we should combine the software and
operations activities.

I've volunteered to be the pointy-haired boss (PHB) for zope.org for a
while.  (This is not a power grab.  If anyone else wants this job, or
would like me to spend time doing something else, I'm willing to
relinquish power. ;)

I currently have the following PHB volunteers (for some definition of
volunteer) for the three areas described above:

- Mark Pratt for content

- Brian Lloyd for software

- and myself for operations

Note that PHBs are officially too dumb to do anything themselves.  So
signing up to be a PHB doesn't imply technical work.  It implies a
willingness to try to convince others to do work and to keep track of
what's being done.

Brian summarized the setup on zope.org:

     "Hardware: Andrew and Rich have moved zope.org onto better
     machines at Zope Corp's AT&T datacenter.

     that change was for managability and logistics, not to solve any
     perf problems"

     The current HW configuration is:

     cvs.zope.org: 2.3GHz x 2, 2GB memory, 33GB HD
       This machine hosts CVS, SVN and some infrastructure to
       support the zope.org mailing lists.

     cache1.zope.org: 1.9GHz x 1, 1.2GB memory, 38GB HD
       This machine runs the squid cache.

     app1.zope.org: 1GHz x 2, 2GB memory, 33GB HD
       This machine runs the zope.org application servers.

     storage1.zope.org: 2.3GHz x 2, 1GB memory, 34GB HD
       This machine runs the zope.org storage server.

     software is... more custom than I'd prefer ;)

Note that if you want to volunteer to help out, you can get more
information at the well-hidden page: http://www.zope.org/About.
As mentioned above, we can use less organization than this page
suggests. I'll update the page to reflect the agreed-upon
disorganization. ;)

Legal agreements

   There are two:

   - Members and content managers need to agree with the general terms
     of service:


     There's a form at the bottom of that page to indicate your
     agreement.  We need this to let anyone do things like review
     content or work on the site organization.

     Note that this TOS document is, with permission, closely modeled
     after the TOS agreement at SourceForge.

   - People who help out with the software need to sign an
     non-disclosure agreement:


     We need a "wet" signature for this, meaning that you need to fill
     it out, sign it and either fax or mail it to Zope Corp.


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