[ZWeb] Zope.Org Docs Page Draft

Mark mark at zopemag.com
Sun Jul 4 22:30:26 EDT 2004


I have uploaded a pdf of how I would like to reorganize the Docs page 

Grab it here:


Here are some specific things I would like to see changed:

Documentation Highlights

This section should be deleted. Because for one thing everything linked
to is very, very, very old.

Instead in the PDF you will find that Online Help has been moved to the 

Note: After we have revised the Docs Section we might want to think 
about how we can make Zope's help system a bit more useful -- including 
a direct link to the Zope Docs section (which at least I couldn't 

The Zope Documentation

section should either be called Zope.org Documentation or reflect the 
name and link to external resources as well. The PDF includes two 
sample outside links one is to the SuperGuide for Newbies, the other to 
the ZopeWiki.

In the PDF the link to the Zope Administrator's Guide Project. This 
project has no active maintainer and when people go to read more about 
it find out that the project
is basically stalled We can link to it some other place.

We need a well written overview of where and how people can contribute.
(Contributing/Community Work). This should be *everyones* top priority 
as it is in everybodies
interest to find more volunteers to help with the tasks ahead.

Commercial Documentation

Recommend we remove the title (its kind of redundant) and instead split 
the current content into two parts.

- Articles
- Books

Since Zope Corp already takes the time to provide a list of Zope books 
we should just link to this page (saves a lot of screen real estate). 
Lots of new Zope and Plone books coming so this is important to keep up 
to date.

 From the current doc page there are two links to articles. One in the 
left side navigation the other is part of the "Documentation 
Highlights" called "Featured Articles". One is a dated list of articles 
that have been published all over the web (a great idea) the other is a 
series of articles written by employees of Zope Corp.

In the PDF you can see a link to ZopeMag and to a list of articles 
published by companies world-wide (which should be actively 
maintained). I have the feeling that outside of ZopeMag less articles 
are being published these days about Zope. I'd like to figure out a way 
to introduce a featured article and help drive some traffic to 
publishers who write about Zope. Ideally the traffic sent their way 
will encourage them to publish even more articles about Zope in the 

That's it for now. Awaiting your comments.


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