[ZWeb] Zope.Org Docs Page Draft

Mark mark at zopemag.com
Mon Jul 5 03:28:58 EDT 2004

Hello Jens,

I don't think you "get it". Yes it mentions ZopeMag (because it is the 
Zope Magazine after all -- why shouldn't it be mentioned?). But the 
"For a lists of
articles published by Magazines and website throughout the world click 
has not one iota to do with ZopeMag -- see:


for an example of what someone (don't know who) previously tried to 
start for
Zope.org with links to lots of Zope articles in Magazines, websites 

Articles by their very nature cover material that you will not find in 
Books and are
a valuable resource.

On Jul 5, 2004, at 1:16 AM, Jens Vagelpohl wrote:

> I don't see the need for that "Articles" section. I fully understand 
> that you would like more exposure for the ZopeMag, but I believe one 
> reference (like the one for that "SuperGuide for Newbies") is plenty. 
> That "Articles" section is nothing but free advertising for a for-pay 
> periodical.

Even if I wasn't involved in a Magazine about Zope I would strongly 
argue for a balance
of "contemporary" resources (articles) and reference (books).

I'd also like to point out that ZopeMag a "for-pay" Magazine publishes 
much of its content for free.
For example this quarter 4 articles/product/reviews/guides will be 
released for free. So consider
me biased but I would argue that we have a lot more articles/guides etc 
that are worthwhile letting the community know about -- but the 
SuperGuide for Newbies is the only one that makes sense to link to from 
this page.

As for the SuperGuide for Newbies being all about exposure -- if their 
was a single relatively
up-to-date Introduction for Zope Newbies that wasn't published by 
ZopeMag I would want
it immediately added under the New Users heading feel free to point 
more out to this list or take the time to write one. I'm still looking 
for volunteers to help write the Overview for Contributing/Community 
Work for example.



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