[ZWeb] Systems group

Ken Manheimer klm at zope.com
Wed Jul 7 15:18:36 EDT 2004

Mark <mark at zopemag.com> writes:

> > Mark, are you setting up a zope.org Wiki?  Did someone say
> > there already was one?  Is so, can anyone tell me where?
> I've played with a Wiki in my Folder but could someone from the systems
> group setup one for
> the Docs section and I will be happy to fill it with content and try to
> organize and announce
> what help is needed.

Sorry i didn't mention this sooner - i carved out a space for a wiki
friday, and (barely) started to put the skeleton i'd like to see in place.


> By the way anybody from Zope Corp going to the Thursday ZPUG meeting in D.C.
> -- I will be there. If somebody is -- could you bring me a NDA that I can
> sign?

Sorry i probly won't be there...

klm at zope.com

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