[ZWeb] Systems group

Ken Manheimer klm at zope.com
Thu Jul 8 16:12:21 EDT 2004

On Thu, 8 Jul 2004, Simon Michael wrote:

> > I'll see if there's anything i can do to foster the upgrade happening, one
> > way or another.
> Cool, thanks. A related issue is how to have this happen semi-regularly. I'm
> just proposing anything, just kibitzing.

Would you be willing/interested in handling that?  I have the distinct 
impression that kind of login-to-the-host community involvement is now not 
just possible but desired...

> Aside: the permanent #zope-web channel was a really good idea.

Jim's, i think.  No doubt taken from the emerging trend we're seeing, with 
more open source projects doing that...

klm at zope.com

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