[ZWeb] Zope org Webmasters

Michael Bernstein webmaven at cox.net
Thu Jul 8 16:22:43 EDT 2004

Due to the first reply going astray, I am resending this.

Andrew Sawyers wrote:
> Who should receive mail for webmaster at zope.org?
> Andrew

The people I know who were receiving it previously (before the great
mail server nuke) are:

Brian Lloyd
Andreas Jung

There were probably others.

As the mail has been nuked off the server, I need copies of all emails 
(other than spam) between 6/23 10:38AM -0700 and 7/8 9:45AM -0700. If 
anyone else has received these I would appreciate it if someone could 
send copies to me.

In particular, I need copies of the electronic NDA signatures.

To avoid multiple copies in my inbox, please post your intention to do
so to this list first.


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