[ZWeb] zope.org: HowTo listings broken

Michael Haubenwallner michael at d2m.at
Thu Jul 8 17:32:47 EDT 2004

Listing of 'HowTos' is incorrect - objects created after the transition 
to Plone are not found by the query.

There are 2 'HowTo' products - one from old.zope.org and the one from 
CMF now. The existing query selects for meta_type in ['How-To','HowTo'].
The new 'HowTo' objects have a meta_type of 'Document' and a portal_type 
of 'HowTo'. Only old HowTos are returned by the query.

- create a new Query (ZPT and Script) to show a combined listing

Additional problem:
- the now added new HowTos are not well suited for display in the 
listing because of missing or incomplete titles
- title-gardening will be needed for existing HowTos
- titles for HowTos should be enforced by workflow

What do you think?


** now using /manage ;) **

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