[ZWeb] Terms Of Service electronic signatures

Michael Bernstein webmaven at cox.net
Fri Jul 9 20:01:07 EDT 2004

Well, it now looks like any email to the webmaster alias sent between 
6/26 and 7/8 has been lost for good. This includes at least one TOS 
signature email that I am aware of.

TOS signatures that have been received are:

  Chris Withers
  Andreas Jung
  Dario Lopez-Kästen

Known lost signatures:

  Michael Haubenwallner

There are two solutions:

1. we can have people sign the TOS again.

2. we can ask them to forward their copy of the first signature to the 
webmaster account.

Does anyone have a preference?

- Michael R. Bernstein  |  Author of Zope Bible
   michaelbernstein.com  |  & Zope.org Webmaster
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