[ZWeb] ZCatalog Issues

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Tue Jul 13 13:04:47 EDT 2004

Michael Bernstein wrote:
> 1. It takes a *very* long time to view the indexes tab (this was 
> something I thought Casey had fixed, but the problem seems to have 
> re-emerged).

This is still a bug in Zope general last time I checked. It's the column showing 
the number of objects in each index that causes the problem. I fix this by just 
commenting out the value in the column in the DTML..

> 2. Attempting to re-index the ZCatalog (by clicking the 'Update Catalog' 
> button in the 'Advanced' tab) causes a timeout or an error message. 
> There are over 179k objects, but it is my understanding that ZCatalog 
> should scale to that many objects fairly easily. I am given to 
> understand that Casey and Shane have been working on fixing this issue.

That's just a browser time-out, don't worry, Zope will be plodding away in the 

> 3. Due to #2, it is as yet impractical to add new indexes to the 
> ZCatalog in order to solve various issues with the site. For example, I 
> added a title_or_id FieldIndex to the ZCatalog in early May to help 
> solve a problem with the Product listings. As of now, this index is only 
> aware of 6211 objects out of the 179k. These are only the objects that 
> have been added or edited since I created the index. As a result, I 
> can't solve the Products issue (though I have hidden it in the 
> meantime). I have also been reluctant to tackle the HowTo listings until 
> the ZCatalog problems are solved (or some reasonable facsimile thereof) 
> for the same reason.

I shouldn't be too hard to build a ZEO client that processes a list of objects 
that need to be indexes, with that being it's only role in life. The main 
ZCatalog's catalog_object method could then just be replaced to spit out object 
paths to a log for this ZEO client to mull through.

I thought queuedcatalog alread ydid something like this though?


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