[ZWeb] ZCatalog Issues

Shane Hathaway shane at hathawaymix.org
Wed Jul 14 00:41:40 EDT 2004

On Tuesday 13 July 2004 20:42 pm, Tim Peters wrote:
> [Shane Hathaway]
> > It's just an observation.  I postulate it happens because ZODB frees the
> > objects in layers: it peels away all the unreferenced objects, revealing
> > more objects that are now unreferenced, and iterates along those lines.
> > If for some reason it peels off only one object per pass, the total
> > operation is O(n^2 / 2).
> Shane, I'm not sure what "flushing the cache" means.

This is what the Zope Management Interface calls it.  To call 
DB.cacheMinimize(), most people go to Control_Panel -> Database -> Flush 
Cache, then push the "minimize" button.

> There's a cache 
> minimization operation, and if that's what it means, since we moved to the
> circular linked-list implementation of the pickle cache that makes at most
> one pass over the cache.  It visits objects from least- to most-recently
> used, ghostifying up-to-date objects as it goes along.  It stops when the
> cache target size is reached, or when it's gone around the ring once,
> whichever happens first.

My understanding may be outdated.  I recall there were two operations: one 
that made a best attempt through a single pass, and another that repeatedly 
scanned the cache, stopping when the previous scan did not evict any objects.

I'll work on reproducing the behavior I've seen.


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