[ZWeb] Sparse words news in Zope.org

Ausum Studio ausum_studio at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 17 11:04:00 EST 2004

Recently there have been more News items with sparse contents like this one:

SMTPService 0.2
SMTP server for Zope
Initial release of SMTP server for Zope
for now it not very useable without mail storage but it under way.

Though it is understandable by Zope users, it falls far away from the
category of 'News', and so it happens to throw a shadow of  lack of
meticulousness upon the Zope community, specially for newbies and the rest
of the Open Source community.

Since news are written by contributors, and it's up to editors to accept
them or not, I suggest editors not to accept news items that don't observe a
set of minimal norms. IMHO, news should be clear about what they're related
to, having in mind non-Zope users and also the own ZopeOrg's public image,
and not just a mere link to another resource.


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