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Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Mon May 31 04:14:14 EDT 2004

Hi Guys,

What can we do about Zope.org?

I've heard so much about it's problems but so little seems to happen :-(

The site seems to be totally unresponsive a fair bit of the time now, which is 
pretty appalling in what should be the flagship of a stable and reliable web 
application server.

I know it was a less-than-minor hamper to the bug day on Friday that people 
often couldn't view or update bugs due to Zope.org taking over a minute to 
respond to requests, when it responded at all. There's also the fact that it 
purports to run on a version of Zope with known security issues (2.6.2)

For once, I'm trying to approach this with an open mind so just wanted to ask 
some questions:

- What are the problems with Zope.org? Why does is appear to be so unstable and 
unresponsive? (I could suggest why, but then I accept I have an unpopular 
opinion at the base of that suggestion ;-)

- What do people have to do to help out? I have a perceptionthat there are 
people who want to help out but that they feel the barrier to entry is too high. 
(For example, who can actually get in and restart the clients, should they be 
suffering from memory bloat?)

- Where should this be discussed? (zope-web at zope.org has been dead for 4-6 
months now)

I hope the above can at least kick off some discussion but I'd really like to 
see some solutions. I know Zope.org is a perenial problem, but there's got to be 
a way we can sort it out...



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