[ZWeb] "Zope Exits"

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Wed Sep 1 04:14:51 EDT 2004

Mark wrote:
> No, you get what *you* invest. We only have a little time in our busy 
> schedule to add a few bits to the news each week. We mine the mailing 
> lists that we read for a few good tips and share them.

So, on the one hand you're saying "if the content sucks, it's your fault 
for now writing it" and on the other you're saying "we're such a 
valuable resource that we deserve free advertising on every page of 
Zope.org". That doesn't add up for me...

> Note: We have been consistently putting out this resource for almost a 
> year.

Has it always been of the current calibre?

>> ...or just plain missed by me, run them by me again...
> Don't have the time to do that for you Chris. But maybe you have the 
> time to read the mailinglist archive?

Not really, and you've thrown out plenty of questions, only you can 
identify which ones you think I missed.


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