[ZWeb] [VOTE] "Zope Exits" policy

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Wed Sep 1 04:27:32 EDT 2004

Mark wrote:
>> your voting system would help. But, particularly if it includes 
>> commercial or single product sites, it will always be open to 
>> accusations of vote rigging, unfairness and the like...
> Then we address those concerns. I don't think it is impossible for us to 
> come up with a system that works. Needs drive development.

I don't see much spare development resource around here, and that's 
what's driving the policy I propose. It's simple, clear and requires 
minimal work and updating.

>>> The ZUGs make for fine exits but there are too many of them to have a 
>>> complete list on every page of the site.
>> That's why they have their own section...
> Groovy.

If you're managing content on Zope.org, why don't you know this already?!

>>> I 
>>> am certainly against removing frameworks
>>> if they are enormously popular and primary drivers for Zope adoption.
>> The thing is, they aren't. They are drivers for that framework's 
>> adoption, which doesn't see much return to zope itself...
> I don't think that is true at all of ZopeMag, Zopera and ZopeZen.

Are they frameworks?

>> I honestly can't believe you say that with a straight face. Look at 
>> the front page of zopemag.com, I see ONE free piece of content. Even 
>> the logo you use to indicate free content (a fly fishing hook unless 
>> I'm mistaken) indicates that they're just there to hook people into 
>> subscriptions.
> Once again you are not familiar with our format. 

I don't care about your format, I'm just reading the front page of your 
site and telling you what I see...

> We don't publish all of 
> our content at one time but throughout a quarter.

So how is all this allegedly free content findable?

> Within less than a month three more article will become free. So chill ....

"will become"?

> But my point actually had little to do with ZopeMag and a lot more to do 
> about keeping options open. I don't want to rule out resources that 
> people come up with -- which may become popular and they may augment by 
> adding options which they decide to charge for. Some things can't be 
> done without money.

I don't see anything in the policy I proposed which causes problems with 


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