[ZWeb] [VOTE] [Half Way] "Zope Exits" policy

Andrew Sawyers andrew at zope.com
Wed Sep 1 09:30:35 EDT 2004

Chris Withers wrote:

I just setup my google ad account, be careful .....

> I also don't see any links to any sites whose sell content...
> So, why do we have them on Zope.org?
> cheers,
> Chris
There's a middle ground, why is it no one seems to be willing to 
compromise?  Compromise now for a more sound solution later?  I was 
going to mention something random, but thought a) no time to code it and 
b) might be confusing for visitors.  Maybe it wouldn't be confusing, if 
one could like to an Alpha list of all possible zope exits?  It wouldn't 
be hard to code, and since someone else seemed to be willing to 
prototype it, that might be a sound solution.

The Zope community is made up of people, entities, and other 
communities.  We should be willing to support them all and they should 
do so in turn.  Who cares if python.org doesn't point to a) zope or b) 
commercial entities?  Their site/layout structure isn't what we're 
striving to emulate.

As for complainers down the road?  If it's random, and they complain do 
what I do to Chris M: | >/dev/null



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