[ZWeb] Products box on Zope.org

Maik Röder roeder at berg.net
Mon Sep 6 06:01:30 EDT 2004


I have some suggestions for the products box on Zope.org:

1. If you compare with the product news on http://freshmeat.net/,
you will notice that there is neither a description of the
product in question, nor information on the changes that have
happened. I would suggest that this information becomes

Imagine you are a newbie, and you follow the link to the
following page:


2. I'd like to have a "more..." link under the products box,
so that you can see the full history of products.

An archive of product release is very helpful when you
want to get an overview of what is new over the last month
or so.

3. I have the impression that some of the product news are of
very limited interest, as they concern very minor upgrades
of products. I would like to propose the policy that product
news should be justified by some serious changes information
that demonstrates that the new release of a product is of

The mass posting of uninteresting upgrades is also flooding
the products list, so that for the moment I would propose
the quick fix of extending the product list to include
all new products of the last 7 days instead of showing the
last 5 products.

These small changes should make the Zope.org site much more

Best regards,

Maik Röder

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