[ZWeb] Products box on Zope.org

Maik Röder roeder at berg.net
Mon Sep 6 07:44:25 EDT 2004


>> 2. I'd like to have a "more..." link under the products box,
>> so that you can see the full history of products.
>> An archive of product release is very helpful when you
>> want to get an overview of what is new over the last month
>> or so.
> Would something like this
>   http://zope.org/Members/d2m/tests/products
> help you - it is the same template as the "News" listing from the news 
> box above the products box. Additional information could easily go into 
> that listing.

Looks good. In my opinion, the the link to the release page is
not helping much.

I wonder what the added value of the page


is in comparison to the product page:


On the product page, you already have the information on the
last release in the top right corner!

In fact, all I'm missing on the


page is a link to the changes file, which should become obligatory
as I noted in my last email.

Best regards,

Maik Röder

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