[ZWeb] zope.org 'daily changes' information

Michael Haubenwallner michael at d2m.at
Thu Sep 9 00:43:46 EDT 2004

I have created a script that collects zope.org change informationon a 
day-to-day basis. You find some result pages at


It shows a listing of objects, sorted by domain and type, that where 
public available at the end of the day. Please let me know, if you would 
like more/less/other information there.

The script creates a snapshot 'Document' for every single day and could 
easily be run by a cron job.

I would also like to put the pages withing zope.org area (out of my 
member area) and add a link to left navigation-bar - do you have 
suggestions ?

Other scripts/macros like change-listings for diferent areas of zope.org 
(like documentation or resources,...) are in the works.
I have written about that here some time ago


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