[ZWeb] Organization of Zope API Reference

Don Hopkins dhopkins at DonHopkins.com
Thu Sep 23 21:29:54 EDT 2004

My self preservation instinct isn't wise enough to be afraid -- I've
just been busy hacking lots of Plone stuff, getting a site ready to
publish for a client. 

I'm still interested in helping with the documentation however I can,
time permitting. 

What would you like to me to do? Read over the documentation and make
notes on anything I notice? Or actually dig in, pick a module, and start
writing and editing on the TODO's? 


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> > Don Hopkins wrote:
> > 
> > >I'd be glad to help maintain the API documentation! Thank you. 

I hope I didn't scare you off :-(
The API reference update is proving to be a huge task, and I could
really use the help.
See http://plope.com/Books/2_7Edition/AppendixB.stx#1-2 


Paul Winkler

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