[ZWeb] Zope Exits - another idea

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Wed Jan 19 04:49:42 EST 2005

Mark Pratt wrote:
>> Here's another idea: why not just bin the whole section?
>> It wasnt' in the original design spec from what I understand, and 
>> seems to cause more trouble than it's worth...
> So much trouble in fact that it has bothered no one in the last few weeks?

...apart from the couple of people asking for link space, questioning 
policy, etc. The other plans, such as the ones Paul was working, seem to 
tackle the need to find zope-related entities in a much more structured 
and useful (not to mention less controversial) way...

> Do you have any energy to help with the link items that I sent around a 
> spec for?

I didn't get where they were to be used and why they were needed..

> This is something that really could use your input and energy.

I'd prefer to divert it to sorting out the Zope Book, trying to get the 
latests version back on zope.org, and getting rid of all the spam..


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