[ZWeb] "Token 'ATOM' required, 'EOF' found" error in zopeorg

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Wed Jan 19 04:51:26 EST 2005

Andrew Sawyers wrote:

> Not by carching an exception; by intercepting the search query and 
> looking for incorrect structure before passing it off to the catalog, 
> thus the 'handler the searches go to....' in the above.

Pre-parsing the query so the actual parser doesn't barf seems pretty 
weird to me.

Still, I guess it's more likely than ever getting zope.org onto, say, 
Zope 2.7.4, in which you CAN import the requisite exceptions.

But I still think there should be a knob to tweak on ZCTextIndex to say 
"don't raise silyl exceptions"



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