[ZWeb] "Token 'ATOM' required, 'EOF' found" error in zopeorg

Andrew Sawyers andrew at zope.com
Fri Jan 21 09:47:37 EST 2005

Chris Withers wrote:
> Andrew Sawyers wrote:
>> In the cases where I've had to catch the query prior to passing it to 
>> the catalog, one has the opportunity to inform the user.
> Well, if we could get zope.org onto 2.7.4 or some such, you can just 
> catch the requisite exceptions in the python script that calls ZCatalog.
Well, I was talking to Jens day before yesterday, I'm sure there's 
several capable people who'd be more interested in helping with zope.org 
if it was just a simple CMF site with skin to make it pretty.  Maybe 
it's time for us to reexamine things?  None of us have the desire or 
time to sludge through what's there now.  At one point, Jens and I had a 
completely migrated zope.org (the old one) onto a straight CMF based 
site.  Now who knows what's there; it's not even on a CMS anyone at ZC 
uses on a daily basis (i.e. it's based on Plone which adds several 
layers of unecessary indirection) and we don't have people who are 
familiar with it chomping at the bit to help us out.  This is a huge 
roadblock IMNSHO.
> Still, I've never seen Google return a "we're sorry, you didn't manage 
> to guess our arcane query structure syntax" message..
True, true, true
> Chris

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