[ZWeb] Zope.org - take 3?

Mark Pratt mark at zopemag.com
Tue Jan 25 11:34:22 EST 2005


On Jan 25, 2005, at 4:10 PM, Andrew Sawyers wrote:

> I disagree Mark.  Sidnei is about the only one who has even close 
> intimate knowledge of the underpinings of zope.org.  If there are 
> others who are they and where are they?  I've got no problem if they 
> were maintaining things, I would stfu.  They're not - so by golly.....

I guess the question is can it be fixed relatively quickly by/together 
with Sidnei? If not then ....

> Out of the many talented people, why is it everyone wants to take 
> stuff off zope.org and move it elsewhere?  Zope wikis, zope book, 
> software projects, tips, ad naseum.  I proposed nearly two years ago 
> internally that we should make zope.org nothing more then the software 
> and documentaiton site for Zope the product.  Focus small and concise 
> - and doing that sole job well.  Everything else we should support and 
> link to off site where people are more willing and capable of 
> supporting the various tasks.  I would say, ala php.net
> I still think this is the best idea, especially with the resources and 
> continued condition of zope.org maintainers.

Well I can only speak about our experience with opensourcexperts.com

Zope.org at least has its own directory of Solution Providers but many 
other community sites don't and that's one of the reasons we created a 
system that would allow sites like Zope.org to suck in our data via RSS 
(or any other formats they asked us to).

It's not really designed to compete with Zope.org (so we weren't trying 
"to move it elsewhere") but as an easy way for Open Source comapnies in 
general to list their skills in many different categories. See:


for an overview.

We have also added the feature to let companies tag whether they 
provide training or hosting for each technology (when relevant).

It is likely that sites like zopelabs, zopewiki, plope.org, 
opensourcexperts.com will innovate faster than zope.org with a 
centralized approach. But whatever form zope.org takes on the future it 
is vital that zope.org points (links) to and integrates things like 
feeds from
these sites.

Also there are going to be exceptions. Things like links to recent Zope 
related articles (the link types I wrote about before) likely won't be 
offered elsewhere and are essential for people who are checking out 
Zope for the first time can see right away that lots of publications 
are writing about Zope (and therefore that it is worthwhile investing 
time and money in).



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