[ZWeb] Zope Collector policies?

Clemens Klein-Robbenhaar crobbenhaar at web.de
Tue Apr 11 17:00:01 EDT 2006


  I feel there is a mismatch between the policies for the Zope collectors and
the text on the entry page of these collectors, which seems to frustrate both
users and the developers caring about the collectors.

  The start page of the zope collectors at http://www.zope.org/Collectors/ just
contains a few general sentences, mostly saying that submitters are welcome,
and state some rather vague requirements on the bugs.

  At least for the Zope collector it is not the case that just all submitters
are welcome; instead there seems to be a strict policy about submissions

  - patches must come with unit test proving the patch fixes some issue
  - patches for new features must apply to the trunk
  - bug reports should at least include the traceback
  - only supported combinations of python/zope are supported, and issues
    should be reproduceable with a stock Zope installation without add-ons
(at least I think these are some of the requirements).

All users violating the policy are told about their mistake very strictly
by Andreas Jung then. However, none of these requirements are mentioned
on the start page for the collector.

  Other projects do have such requirements stated in big letters on their
bug trackers front page; these might even include to ask first on the relevant
mailing list before reporting a bug.
  I think its better to tell people in advance that to have to tell them later
that their bug report does not meet the checklist.

  Does anyone share my point of view the collector overview page should state
the requirements explicitely? If yes, is there any interest that I try to
formulate some alternative text for the front page (which would need to be
polished by some native speaker)?

  Oh, and has anyone pointers to the real collector policies?


P.S. apologies if I am on the wrong list - if so, has anyone pointers about a better
  place to post this?

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