[ZWeb] zope web status report 2006-02-06

Tonico Strasser contact_tonico at yahoo.de
Tue Feb 7 09:28:57 EST 2006

Martijn Faassen wrote:
> * does anyone know a good web designer who can design a solid looking, 
> serious, but still exciting website for zope?

Whether a site is exciting or not is purely subjective I think. I find 
w3.org very exciting, but I guess many here don't ;)

Making a solid design should be possible, based on best practices.

I've seen that the basic site structure is already good documented, and 
that you want to get rid of the /Members section - that should make 
designers life easier, no (user-, workflow-, etc.) actions, no edit 
forms to worry about.


Also, a definition of all different screens that need to be designed, 
would help to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Home page, search page, search result page, document view, file view, 
feedback form, ...

I, for one, fear the tremendous amount of different templates.


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