[ZWeb] zope web status report 2006-02-06

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Thu Feb 9 03:47:43 EST 2006

On Thu, 09 Feb 2006 04:17:25 -0000, baiju m <baiju.m.mail at gmail.com> wrote:

> I think we can have these kind of documentation:
> Documentation
> -------------
> - Zope 3 Tutorial
> - Zope 2 Tutorial (Using Five and so lead the user towards Zope3)
> - What's new in {Zope2|3|CMF|Five} releases
> - ZopeBook (Zope 2)
> - ZDG (Zope 2)

Do we really want to add to the confusion by throwing in old Zope 2  
documentation, that still refers to Zope 2.6 and has one gazillion very  
confusing in-line text comments?

If the idea is to deliver the message that Zope 3 is great, clutting the  
message with Zope 2 cruft (not the same as if we have some really great  
zope 2 documentation, but what's there has rotted quite a bit) is not  
likely to help. Maybe we can (and should) get there too, but let's not  
bite off more than we can chew the first iteration. The *worst* thing we  
can do is launch a new site that has all the old sites' problems. :)

> - z3 static API docs
> - Zope3Book
> - FAQ
> - HOWTOs
> In addition to this, a wiki can also be included.

I think a wiki is the antithesis to well-organised, well-delivered  
documentation. :) Wikis require significant gardening at the very least. I  
certainly wouldn't rely on a wiki as the main vehicle of delivery.

> Zope 3 Tutorial
>     This will be the official tutorial for Zope3, like Python's or  
> Django's
> Tutorials. A trimmed down version of 'MessageBoard' application
> can be used in this tutorial. This will help the user when reading  
> Zope3Book.
> This tutorial can be updated with every major releases.
> An FAQ like:
>   http://plone.org/documentation/faq
>   http://www.async.com.br/faq/pygtk/index.py?req=index
>   Tutorials covering special topics

Not sure if it's relevant, but the PloneHelpCenter that runs  
http://plone.org/documentation is of course open source. :)



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