[ZWeb] zope web status report 2006-02-06

Andrew Sawyers andrew at sawdog.com
Thu Feb 9 21:18:54 EST 2006

> Something like http://plone.org/products? 
Why not?  If it fits the bill.

> > zope.org should not be a member login based site IMNSHO.
> Why not have a members.zope.org that is a community site, with wikis and  
> the lot, where the community can play their games, and a zope3.org and/or  
> a zope.org that is the outward facing part of the community, much more  
> tightly controlled for quality and consistency?
The problem IMO is that the two sites are now tightly coupled and the
bit rot of one immediately effects the other.  If there is no clear tie
between the two (read no way for the 'anti-marketing' to effect Zope,
which is currently the case) there should be no reason why not to have
this.  It should be two seperate projects though.  I presume hardware
won't be an issue since Rob chimed in +1  :)

> Martin

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