[ZWeb] feedback on new zope.org material

Carlos de la Guardia carlos.delaguardia at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 18:11:45 EST 2006


I had some time today to go over the material available and here are some
preliminary comments on structure:

Zope is strong on CMS, no doubt, but many people use it for other things and
I think Zope 3 in particular has a lot of potential for all kinds of
applications. While I realize it would be too general to say Zope can do
anything, I think focusing too much on CMS apps can turn away some

Maybe why and where are also questions likely to be answered. As in why use
Zope and where is Zope used.

One question that people asks all the time about Zope 2 is, given the varied
tools available for the developer (ZPT, DTML, ZSQL, Python scripts, TTW
development, etc.), when is it advisable to use each and how? That is, best
practices. I know about several developers that think Zope 2 is the worst
ever web application environment because they used it in the worst possible
way and got burned.

Carlos de la Guardia
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