[ZWeb] me too. so what to do ?

Jim Fulton jim at zope.com
Wed Mar 1 18:50:48 EST 2006

Simon Michael wrote:
>> Doing nothing means that we are stuck with a broken and unmaintained 
>> Plone
>> 1 site as our public face for awhile longer.  I don't think any of us
>> really want that.
> I piggyback on Geoff's insightful post and say the same thing about 
> Zwiki. It's bad marketing for the project I'm trying to grow here, 
> forgetting about Zope for a moment.
> I mailed Rob and Jim directly offering to help with an upgrade. They are 
> the only people I know who could unblock the red tape that keeps 
> zope.org static. No response (under their radar, I expect).

More or less.  I'm very sorry for a lack of response.  We are
both insanely busy and can't pay attention to this.  That is no
excuse, but there it is.  It is not a simple thing to install
new software into the zope.org application.  Frankly, it is working
well enough ATM that I'm not anxious to try to update it.

> So where does this leave us ? Isn't it time to fork zope.org ? Not in 
> the destructive bad-feeling sense. I mean isn't it up to we the 
> community to get organized, get focussed and build what we really want, 
> prove with running code and *happy users* that it works, and then come 
> back to see if Zope corp. wants to point zope.org there ? I don't expect 
> one such attempt will be enough, there should be several. I've done it 
> once at zopewiki.org. I'd love to see some plone-based visions of zope.org.

I think this is a great idea.  I hope that you'll be coming back to the
Zope Foundation with a new site, not to ZC.

The number one thing that Rob is doing to improve the process for managing
zope.org is to form the Foundation.  We are very close to getting the
legal paperwork done, but realistically I'm sure it will be a few months
before we can get a board elected and operating.  It would be great for
people to build a site as a "prototype" that could be adopted when the
Foundation is ready.


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