[ZWeb] me too. so what to do ?

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Wed Mar 1 19:10:17 EST 2006

Jens Vagelpohl <jens <at> dataflake.org> writes:

> > 1) If the Plone community were to be good Zope citizens and come up  
> > with
> > some volunteers and code for an improved, interim zope.org site,  
> > would ZC
> > approve?
> This is up for ZC to decide. If I was at ZC I would support it as  
> long as a committed and capable subset of the Plone community (not  
> Joe Shmoe off the street, but credible people) is willing to support  
> the Plone side (meaning anything "above" CMF) 100%.

If the technology is basically the same as plone.org, which it probably will be
given that the use cases are so similar and we've learnt a ton of lessions from
plone.org, I think this is pretty much a given. The one thing that makes limi
fix something faster than you can say pointrelease is when plone.org looks ugly,
and when he harasses me, I fix the PloneHelpCenter and PloneSoftwareCenter.
Wiggy keeps making PlonePAS better to support plone.org LDAP, and Geoff makes
CacheFu fly on plone.org. And that's pretty much all that plone.org needs above
standard Plone. 
> > 2) Could we get support from others in the Zope community for
> > infrastructure _not_ related to Plone?
> I'm one of the people with a login, and I'm willing to support  
> anything up to and including CMF.

Again - if people were a bit more proud of zope.org, I'm sure they'd be more
inclined to fix it. At the moment, it's given that it's an embarassment, so
no-one cares if it goes from bad to slightly worse. 


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