[ZWeb] me too. so what to do ?

Lennart Regebro regebro at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 03:01:22 EST 2006

On 3/1/06, Simon Michael <simon at joyful.com> wrote:
> So where does this leave us ? Isn't it time to fork zope.org ? Not in
> the destructive bad-feeling sense. I mean isn't it up to we the
> community to get organized, get focussed and build what we really want,
> prove with running code and *happy users* that it works, and then come
> back to see if Zope corp. wants to point zope.org there ? I don't expect
> one such attempt will be enough, there should be several.

Absolutely. Aside from practical/political issues, one reason for
zope.orgs problems is that it is huge, and it doesn't have to be. We
could make several "microsites", and these could start out as forked,
and they don't have to live on the same computer or een on the same

For example...

products.zope.org for Zope2 products?
docs.zope.org for documentation (mainly the Zope books + zopewiki)?
news.zope.org for news?

or whatever. :)

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