[ZWeb] me too. so what to do ?

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Thu Mar 2 04:57:18 EST 2006

Jens Vagelpohl <jens <at> dataflake.org> writes:

> > Again - if people were a bit more proud of zope.org, I'm sure  
> > they'd be more
> > inclined to fix it. At the moment, it's given that it's an  
> > embarassment, so
> > no-one cares if it goes from bad to slightly worse.
> IMHO this is the whole "supported by the people who have to deal with  
> it every day" point, just worded differently. And a dose of  
> resignation, "nothing will change, anyway".


> There are some initiatives underway already, including a Z3-based  
> initiative, but no unified voice. There is no single person charged  
> with driving a new zope.org, someone in a position to make binding  
> decisions. Maybe that's why these discussions tend to fade away?

... and precisely again. So let's call for someone to own this, elect a person
that is in charge, and give him or her the authority they need to do the job,
not present them with an ocean of red tape. Absolutely nothing happens unless
someone ownes the task, people don't just magically organise themselves and get
stuff done when they don't even know what that stuff is. It's pretty common
sense, really. :)

I suggest that Jim or Rob or you or someone else a bit closer to the core of the
Zope community puts out a job description and runs a vote. Get someone in
charge, let them make their demands, and off we go.


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