[ZWeb] Zope 2 web site

Lennart Regebro regebro at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 06:14:01 EST 2006

If Plone works for product listing on plone.org, it should work for
product listing on zope.org.

Now, zope.org does much more than that, but if we combine the above
thought, with the earlier thought of splitting into new subsites that
one by one get "approved" by Zope Foundation, that ain't a problem.

So what do we need?

1. A project manager.
2. A server to put this on.
3. A design.

Then we can put up a products.something.foo, and try to get people to
register their products there instead of on zope.org, and if people
like it enough, step 5:

6. ZF can do a switcheroo so that the products on zope.org point to
the new server, as products.zope.org.

That's one part finished for a new zope.org. One of the biggest ones,
and not particularily painful even.

Yes, there is two steps missing:

4. Wait for ZF to become reality.
5. Identify the "parts" of zope.org in which to split it.

We will also pretty soon need step 7: A common login for all x.zope.orgs.

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