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Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Mon Mar 6 07:34:21 EST 2006

Lennart Regebro-2 wrote:
> I understand Chris reluctance to use Plone, but I must say that of the
> two scenarios:
> 1. Writing a new Product managements software from scratch.
> and
> 2. Using the one on Plone.org.
> I'm way more worried about the amount of maintenance in the first
> case, since fixing bugs will be solely up to the peope managing
> zope.org. And then I don't even count the time it would take to write
> the software in the first place.

Precisely my point, and precisely the problem that the current zope.org
suffers from (it was based on Plone, sure, but it was badly mangled from
what I've been told to the point where the Plone community would no longer
be able to help maintain it).

Plone isn't perfect, and perhaps CPS, Silva, Drupal, whatever else meets our
requirements better, in which case use it. But there are two thousand open
source CMSs out there, and zope.org needs a CMS with a certain featureset
(not dissimilar to plone.org, which is why I'm protmoting Plone in the first
place, since plone.org runs on Plone and we've built certain modules around
the zope/plone development model that have worked well for plone.org).
Building our own (again) seems to be a very bad case of Not Invented Here.

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