[ZWeb] Version 3

Brad Allen brad at allendev.com
Sun Mar 19 22:25:19 EST 2006

>  http://www.modscape.com/zope/v3

>>- the page looks pretty dark/heavy, got a 'daylight' version ?
>Not really, no. I don't think this version is "dark" at all.

It looks good to me. I asked my wife, Bonnie, who is opinionated
about color schemes and she described it as "soothing and calm".
If you want flashy, you may want to brighten it up, but I think this
looks appropriate for Zope. It's important to convey seriousness,
good organization and professionalism. Visitors should perceive
that Zope is active, widely used for professional work, and that
the site has usefulness.

The Zope News and Zope Products section do seem slightly drab.
Drab is ok for documention but news stories could use just a
little bit of zing.

Bonnie said she liked the lilies, and they do add a nice bit of
understated beauty to the site. I don't know if the naturalistic
imagery means anything, but adding a bit of "aliveness"
to the page certainly can't hurt.

The right side blurbs with icons looked really good at first glance
but on further examination I think the question mark over the
Zope sphere is visually confusing. An alternative might be to
get rid of the question mark overlay.

The Zope-Power Sites at the bottom only provides one example.
How about a link to more Zope-power sites and/or success stories?

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