[ZWeb] V3 Updated

Tom Von Lahndorff tom at modscape.com
Sat Mar 25 07:32:14 EST 2006

On Mar 24, 2006, at 7:36 PM, Chris Withers wrote:

> Tom Von Lahndorff wrote:
>>> On the download page, Zope 2 should be above Zope 3.
>> Really? I thought most people want to push Zope 3. Shouldn't the  
>> latest release be listed first? I really don't care on way or the  
>> other, just curious.
> Zope 2 is the more stable, tested release. I don't care what people  
> want to "push", end users should get hinted towards the most stable  
> release ;-)
>> Yeah, seems like no one likes the idea of message boards. My  
>> thinking was just that when I search for information I always go  
>> to Google before I'd ever search Zope.org.
> Why is that a problem?

Its not. Its a lot easier to find answers to my questions though at  
the Apple's support discussion boards, when I have an Apple issue,  
rather than searching Google because I'm searching through very  
specific content, not the web in general and therefore get more  
accurate results and a faster resolution.

>> list threads posted online. It just seems like there's all of this  
>> valuable chatter that goes on about Zope that never gets to the  
>> Zope.org
> Why should it be on zope.org?

Um, because it's useful information about Zope, which is sort of what  
Zope.org is about? "The Web Site for the Zope Community" (...who are  
currently discussing Zope at various other places on the web). Thanks  
for visiting. :)

> cheers,
> Chris
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