[ZWeb] ZCatalog tutorial / how-to page out of date

Terry Jones terry at jon.es
Fri May 5 09:13:07 EDT 2006

This page


is apparently quite out of date. It gives the impression that ZCatalog is a
separately downloadable and installable component/product for Zope, when in
fact ZCatalog is built in.

It might also be worth noting in the how-to that there does exist a
separable ZCatalog, created by Kevin Dangoor, available from
http://www.blazingthings.com/dev/zcatalog.html. Kevin's code pulls ZCatalog
out of the Zope source tree and rewrites it a little so as not to require a
running Zope instance.

I am happy to update the how-to page if someone tells me how to access the
source or sends it to me.

Terry Jones

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