[ZWeb] Re: [ZF] foundation site confusion

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Sun Nov 5 05:33:06 EST 2006

kit BLAKE wrote:
> Could somebody adjust the page at http://www.zopefoundation.org/ and
> link to the Zope Foundation site? 

Rob, would it be possible to set zoneedit's nameservers as the servers 
for this domain?

> Or better yet, since 'zopefoundation.org' is the first thing a
> searcher might type, point the domain to the
> http://foundation.zope.org/ site. Or vice versa.

One thing though, I'd accidentally left IE6 as default browser on the 
machine I'm writing this from and the body text is flowing over the left 
navigation. Could someone take a look at that?



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