[ZWeb] website todos

Martijn Faassen faassen at infrae.com
Tue Nov 21 07:51:02 EST 2006

Hi there,

It's high time I actually do something about this again; my apologies 
for my absence - life's been rather busy for me.

The plan:

* start moving selected services off zope.org to a server managed by 
Amaze. The Amaze setup is expected to grow in time.

* the first two sites to move over will be the wiki stuff (I already 
talked to Simon) and the foundation website.

Concerning the Foundation website, we have a number of options. The 
simplest option is to maintain the current Apache procedure.

Another option would be to use Tres Seaver's software built on zope 2 
that can do the same thing as the Apache integration does right now.

Alternatively we could move this over to a proper CMS, as people have 
been asking for. I'd be happy if that were Plone, but this will take a 
volunteer that integrates the public layout templates into Plone (along 
with the existing content). I don't know how hard this is and how hard 
this is to maintain. Is anyone volunteering?



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