[ZWeb] Re: Grrr. zope.org wikis are evil.

Sidnei da Silva sidnei at enfoldsystems.com
Mon Oct 9 16:54:55 EDT 2006

| Because no one knows what would break.  Because the installed software
| has unknown versions.  Because we don't have a repeatable installation.

Even if you knew the version, what would guarantee that nothing would
break without trying? The changelog? Good luck with that. 

Someone needs to step in and try and see what breaks. I could be that
person. I could get it to the point where you have a Zope 2.9 instance
with no 'Broken because product is gone' and no broken imports. And
with a stock CMF skin. Someone would have to take it from there. Would
that be a reasonable offer?

Sidnei da Silva
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