[ZWeb] Re: apache on zope.org

Andrew Sawyers andrew at sawdog.com
Mon Oct 9 17:03:42 EDT 2006

Ok, so far I've got the following setup for managing our apache on

A new user account: static

We will run the static files from /home/static/public_html/site-name

I'm awaiting a symlink from /home/static/etc/httpd.conf

The static user can edit and define necessary configuration in
~/etc/httpd.conf and it will be included in the main httpd.conf

The static user is also awaiting the ability to:  sudo apachectl <command>

Questions?  Comments?


On 10/9/06 10:44 AM, "Martijn Faassen" <faassen at infrae.com> wrote:

> Chris Withers wrote:
>> Hi Martijn,
>> Martijn Faassen wrote:
>>> Justin is making no progress getting the formalities arranged with ZC
>>> to actually get access to the zope.org servers.
>> OK, I've forwarded this mail to Rob, we'll see what his response is.
>> What has Justin tried so far?
> He got stuck in the bureaucracy of actually faxing a signed agreement.
> He doesn't seem to have access to a fax. :)
>>> My goal is still to be able to host simple Apache web pages on that
>>> system. Later on we can look towards other solutions and other
>>> servers, but right now that's the goal.
>> To that end, I've CC'ed in Andrew Sawyers who is likely to have better
>> access than me to the cvs.zope.org box which at least has a running
>> Apache instance ;-)
> I see Andrew replied and is taking action, that's great!
>>> Could you contact Rob Page for the agreement needed to get access to
>>> the ZC server, 
>> There are lots of servers...
> Understood. I don't want the details myself, I just want people I can
> delegate tasks towards. :)
>>> and then (hopefully agreeing to the agreement), sign it, fax it to
>>> them, and obtain access so you can manage their Apache for me?
>> Sure, I guess we'll wait and see what his reply says. It'd be good to
>> know what you and Justin have tried so far though...
> Not much. Justin seems to have the DNS situation well in hand, but I
> think it looks like Andrew is my man for Apache config issues. Great!
> Regards,
> Martijn

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