[ZWeb] Re: Grrr. zope.org wikis are evil.

Jens Vagelpohl jens at dataflake.org
Mon Oct 9 19:40:46 EDT 2006

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On 9 Oct 2006, at 17:10, Jim Fulton wrote:
>>> I'll repeat that our commercial cluster is not the right place to  
>>> host
>>> zope.org.  We can't really give volunteers the access to do what  
>>> they need to
>>> do.
>> Please explain why?  There is no commercial customers on the boxes  
>> zope.org
>> services are on, outside of the load balancer and squid, which are  
>> not
>> necessary to make progress until things can be moved.
> Because to do what people want to do, they think they need full sudo.
> I'm not sure this is necessary.  For example, it's possible that
> it would be enough for many interesting tasks to give people
> the ability to sudo to the user zope.  We could do that.
> Giving root access to those boxes is not a risk that we're willing
> to take.

It's strange how that never used to be a problem before, and all of a  
sudden it is. Jim, remember us exchanging emails in 2005 about  
providing full sudo access for tasks like moving CMF from CVS to  
Subversion? I still have that whole email exchange. There was no  
discussion at all about full sudo access being a problem. Matter of  
fact you were all for people stepping up to solve problems.

I would never have signed all those documents that gave me access as  
a non-employee if I had known every root-access sysadmin task had to  
be approved by ZC. If you take a look at http://www.zope.org/About  
there is a specific systems admin group mentioned. That's what I  
thought I signed up for. I guess I was mistaken.


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