[ZWeb] DNS still fishy?

Justizin justizin at siggraph.org
Thu Oct 12 10:34:17 EDT 2006

On 10/12/06, Jens Vagelpohl <jens at dataflake.org> wrote:
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> On 12 Oct 2006, at 09:15, Justizin wrote:
> >  (a) I don't control the actual registrar records
> >
> >  (b) Yes, these were listed in the zone itself as the NS, but noone
> > should be doing lookups via these servers, because ZoneEdit is not
> > authoritative for the NS records of this zone, the registrar is.
> To stay strictly on technical issues, I think you're constantly
> implying that the DNS servers for the zope.org zone that are listed
> by the registrar are not the same as the DNS servers the zone data
> itself contains. Can you explain why this discrepancy exists, or why
> it makes sense?

I prepared a copy of the zone in ZoneEdit with small changes to
reflect the plans for a new configuration, including new nameservers.

I pulled the zone into ns.qutang.net early last week and sent out an
e-mail which, surely, was just lost in the white noise.  oh well.

so, because we wanted to start modifying the zone really soon, i told
rob page to change the registrar to point at:


These nameservers all had the same data, including the same incorrect
records.  FWIW, three records with the same IP address went sour:


This is curious, because I recall making an effort to individually
copy each record from the zone file that Rob sent me, to avoid just
this sort of mistake.

whatever, these records pointed at .1 instead of .171

> Nothing. I am describing the situation where you have a bind slave
> and you are configuring a slave zone for the first time. At that
> moment you don't have to manually pull the zone data, bind will
> magically fetch it. This was a hint for people who might want to set
> up a slave.


I am writing a how-to for making djbdns comply with both ends of the
NOTIFY chain.  There are a bunch of tools for this, very simple
djb-ish stuff, but nothing is part of the package.

If someone running BIND wants to pull from zoneedit and send the rest
of us NOTIFY requests when a change is detected, we can pretty much do
that now.  I should be set up to respond to NOTIFY.  I have to add
something into the tinydns-data chain which enacts changes to live
configuration so that it spurs a NOTIFY to slaves.

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