[ZWeb] Zone Edit nameserver Offerings FYI

Andrew Sawyers andrew at sawdog.com
Fri Oct 13 09:52:18 EDT 2006

Zone Edit offers DNS services on different continents for a small fee.  We
can easily support our requirements with little effort from these folks:

ZoneEdit's basic service offers a pair of DNS servers with 24x7 monitoring
and recovery on each server. Each server is located on a distinct and
separately maintained network with a 99.9% uptime.

With DNS, if any one server goes down, the other servers are used.
Therefore, each nameserver you add to your domain greatly reduces the odds
of an outage.

For your most important domains, we highly reccomend using 3 or 4 DNS
servers. We have never had a 3 server outage. We offer a 100% uptime
guarantee for domains with four ZoneEdit nameservers.

If you are already a ZoneEdit customer, you can log in, click on your most
important domain, click "Advanced", click "Nameservers", and click "Purchase
an Extra Backup Nameserver". You can then choose the country and location of
the new nameserver.

If you are not using ZoneEdit's DNS, you can sign up to use our secondary
DNS service. Our servers will be automatically synchronized with your
primary servers, and are added to your domain as DNS backups.

We offer up to 8 managed DNS networks in the US, Canada, Europe, and
Australia. For your most important domains, use ZoneEdit's backup DNS.

Andrew Sawyers

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